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Oil Level Gauge (OLG) – Pune Techtrol

Pune, Maharashtra, India
Make: Pune Techtrol
Instrument Type: Gauge
Application: Liquid

Oil Level Gauge (OLG) is an economical and reliable gauge that provides a visual indication of oil levels in small tanks. It is designed to be rugged and compact.

Oil Level Gauge

Construction of Oil Level Gauge

The Oil Level Gauge has a toughened borosilicate gauge glass tube between two metallic end blocks and banjo bolts, sealed with ‘0’ rings. It also includes a steel tube guard enclosing the gauge for protection and has two slotted windows for oil-level viewing.

The level gauge is mounted parallel to the tank to create a closed loop for the tank liquid to reach its level in the gauge.

Installation of Oil Level Gauge

The oil level gauge should be mounted on the side of the tank through the tank nozzles that have matching process connections.

Installation of Oil Level Gauge

It is important to ensure that the gauge is installed parallel to the tank and that the center-to-center distance of the nozzles corresponds to the center-to-center distance of the tank.

Oil Level Gauge Specifications

  • End Blocks & Banjo Bolts: CS (ZN Plated)
  • Process Connection: M12 or M8, Banjo Bolts
  • Lock Nut: CS (ZN Plated)
  • Guard: CS, Slotted Tube (ZN Plated)
  • Gauge: Toughened B. Glass (HW) X 16 OD
  • Packing: Silicon
  • Banjo Bolt 0-rings: Neoprene / Viton
  • CC Distance (range): 75 to 300 mm
  • Visibility: CC Dist (mm) Minus 40 mm
  • Temperature: 70°C (Neoprene) or 100°C (Viton)
  • PR. Rating: 1Kg/Cm2 (amb. temp)
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