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Leomi 586 – Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Make: Leomi
Instrument Type: Sensor
Application: Gas

LEOMI Thermal Mass  Flow Meter (Calorimetric) works on the physical principle of thermal dispersion from a heated element to the ambient medium (for example air or gases). This is affected by the velocity, density (temperature and pressure), and the characteristic of the medium. The amount of needed energy is a function of the temperature difference and the mass flow.

Gas flowing through two RTD Pt-100 one reference and the other Heater. The temperature difference (over-temperature) At between the reference sensor (medium temperature) and the heater sensor is controlled constantly. As per King’s Law, the higher the mass flow rate, the higher the cooling effect of the heater sensor, thus higher the power required to maintain the differential temperature constant. Therefore the heater power is proportional to the gas mass flow rate.

The LEOMI-586 flow meter is highly regarded among Industrial, Environmental, and Commercial customers for a wide range of applications, including Compressed Air, Combustion Air, Aeration Air, Flue gas, Waste-gas, Landfill gases, and more.

Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meter

In developing the LEOMI-586 Insertion Thermal mass flowmeter, a new measuring system was created that combines analog controllers for high resolution and fast response with advanced digital microprocessor controllers for long-term stability and absolute accuracy.

Unlike traditional drift-prone Wheatstone Bridges used for temperature control (ΔT), this system guarantees stable electronic evaluation for Thermal (Calorimetric) Probes with exceptional electrical characteristics.

Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meter Animation

LEOMI also provides specialized sensors such as the HALAR® and PFA-coated versions for specific applications. The HALAR® sensor is a special version with a coating of copolymer ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene. This instrument provides excellent corrosion protection and good insulating properties, making it ideal for use with corrosive gases at low temperatures (with the exception of strong oxidizing acids and amines). The coating is also resistant to mechanical stress. This flow sensor supports different process gases, including Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrogen sulfide, Hydrochloric acid, Chlorine gas, and more.

The LEOMI-586 PFA sensor is another specialized version with a Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) coating, which is a copolymer of hexafluoropropylene and perfluoro ethers. PFA provides a high degree of anti-adhesion effect, hydrophobic properties, excellent corrosion protection, superior creep resistance, and high chemical inertness. This version is suitable for use with extremely corrosive gases at high temperatures and can be used with various process gases, including process gas mixtures, flue gas, flare gas, waste gas, landfill gas, and more.

Features of Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The LEOMI-586 Compressed Air Flow Meter has the following features:

  • No moving parts, which ensures long-term stability and reliability.
  • Wide measuring ranges allow for the detection of leakage and increases in consumption, providing accurate measurements of compressed air usage.
  • Measures mass flow rate independently of pressure and temperature variation, ensuring accurate readings.
  • High accuracy is maintained throughout temperature ranges up to 400⁰C, making it suitable for use in a variety of industrial environments.
  • Can operate in any position, providing flexibility in installation.
  • Programmable pipe diameters from 15mm to 10000mm make it suitable for use in various pipeline systems.
  • Probes with Ø=12mm and lengths up to 2000mm are available, allowing for use in different installation scenarios.
  • Can be mounted on circular, square, rectangular, and other ducts, providing versatility in installation.
  • Easy installation and maintenance reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Integration in data networks with different data converters is possible, allowing for easy integration with existing systems.
  • In-built standard gas database for selection and in-built terminal software with gas volume, gas mixture, and insertion depth calculators provide easy calibration and setup.
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