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LEOMI 587 – Actual Mass Flow Meter

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Make: Leomi
Instrument Type: Sensor
Application: Gas

Our newest product, the LEOMI-587 Actual Mass/Volume Flow meter, is a highly advanced thermal mass flow meter that can be used in a variety of applications. With its ability to measure Actual Mass/Volume Flow, it’s perfect for industries such as Thermal Power, Steel, Textile, Cement, Automobile & Ancillaries, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, etc. The LEOMI-587 comes in a variety of sensor constructions, including stainless steel, Hastelloy C276, HALAR, and PFA coatings, to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Actual Mass Flow Meter

One of the most versatile features of the LEOMI-587 is its adjustable and versatile design, which allows for monitoring at multiple locations with a wide temperature range of up to 400°C. This makes it an ideal choice for a range of industries and applications.

Actual Mass Flow Meter Working Principle

Features of Actual Mass Flow Meter

  • LEOMI-587 Actual Mass/Volume Flow Meter measures the actual mass/volume flow rate
  • Suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 15mm to 10000mm
  • Probes available with Ø=12mm/20mm(HC276) & Length up-to 2000 mm
  • Offers high accuracy with < ±2%RD of actual mass flow rate
  • Allows upto 4 user-selectable analog inputs such as pressure, temperature, power or RH%
  • Turndown ratio of 100:1 or better
  • Accurate measurement over temperature ranges up to 400°C
  • In-built data storage with USB 2.0 in CSV format for input parameters
  • Features an in-built auto-purging system for sensor cleaning
  • Ideal for customized flow control applications with PC software.
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