How to Unlock Automation Community Course Videos?


Are you looking to unlock the automation community course videos?

Then the simple answer is, You need our Youtube channel membership.

We have different plans available on our Youtube channel.

As per the mentioned plan on the course page, you need to subscribe to that plan and become our member.

First, open our Youtube channel. Click Here

Next, You will find the JOIN button on our Youtube channel as shown in the below image.

Instrumentation Tools

Click on the Join button and then Sign-in to your google account.

After Sign-in, again click JOIN button then you will get our plans details as shown in the below image.

Unlock Automation Community website Videos

The required plan details are mentioned on the respective course page.

Say for example, if a course needs SILVER level membership then you have to subscribe to either SILVER level or next levels.

Note: Say if 4 courses are mentioned SILVER membership then with one payment you will get access to all respective course videos.

The Youtube channel memberships are monthly payments.

Thank you for your support.